Infrared Sauna

What Is Infrared Sauna?

Sauna has long been used as a tool for longevity in Scanadavia. There’s no better way to decompress and detox and get a break from the world than in a RVIVL Infrared Sauna Suite. Our top of the line Infrared saunas use deep penetrating infrared heat to help you sweat out all your toxins and melt away all your stress. Studies show that infrared saunas can speed up healing times from many soft tissue injuries and improve your circulatory system. Our suites are private, can be booked for 1-2 people, will have an in-suite shower and/or cold plunge for contrast therapy. Make sure to fill up your water bottle in our brand new Quench Reverse Osmosis Water filtration  system before entering.  RVIVL offers 30 or 60 minute IR Sauna Suites that will leave you feeling brand new.

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