Cancellation Policies

Cancellation Policies

Appointment Cancellation Policy
Cancellations made within 8 hours of your appointment will result in a $25 cancellation fee.

No-shows for any à la carte service will be charged the full service session price.

Members that no-show for a session will lose the session booked from their monthly membership balance.

If you need any assistance with canceling or rescheduling your appointment, please email us at or call our studio directly at 310-437-0104.

Membership Cancellation Policy
Memberships automatically renew once per month (from the day you signed up). You’re welcome to cancel at any time, but please note we require an e-mail 24 hours prior to the date of your next monthly renewal payment in order to cancel your membership (before the next billing cycle).

Please email for all cancellation requests.

Membership Commitment Information
Effective 7/1/23, all Contrast Memberships require a two month minimum commitment. Both the RVIVList Membership as well as any of our Unlimited Memberships do not require a minimum commitment. Any Vitamin IV Membership requires a three month commitment.

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