We are RVIVL

The world is finally coming to know a secret long held within the professional & collegiate athletic communities. Recovery is as – if not more – important for athletic performance than the workouts themselves. Anyone that has known the frustration of being sidelined with an injury, hit plateaus with their fitness progress, or found muscle soreness impeding their goals, has knowingly or unknowingly come face to face with the challenge of Fitness Recovery.

Today, modern sports and health science has opened an entirely new world of possibilities for human optimization. With the help of recovery technology, we are able to harness our bodies’ innate biological processes to find and foster enormous performance benefits. With proper treatment, we can naturally decrease inflammation, improve metabolism, look younger by increasing collagen production, decrease muscle soreness, boost our immune system, stimulate muscle growth, balance hormone levels, and so much more.

Fitness Recovery focuses specifically on achieving human optimization through recovery education, treatments, and practice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the standard of fitness within our community by providing treatments that speed up muscle recovery, mitigate injury, and drive athletic performance.




The RVIVL Story began 8 years ago in Dr. Sands’ chiropractic
office in Marina Del Rey, CA. An injured and frustrated Ken
limped through the door with a back injury that had sidelined
him for weeks. During treatment, both athletes, Adam & Ken
discovered a shared passion for innovative and natural wellness
modalities. Injuries, aches, and soreness are devastating for
those who find joy in motion.

Finding enormous benefits, both mentally and physically,
from the cold exposure, an evening ice bath ritual developed
and a desire to share this revelation with friends and family
began to form. One chilly December evening, after lugging
200 lbs. of ice from the grocery store to a plastic tub in the office
parking lot and a particularly invigorating plunge, the idea
for RVIVL was born with a mission to share this feeling
with everyone: To help others optimize their health naturally
and empower our community to look their best, feel their best,
and spend more time doing what they love!

For us – that’s climbing mountains!

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