Meet Ken Silver, the visionary Founder of RVIVL, who brings to the table not just a wealth of experience, but a genuine passion for wellness and business innovation. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Ken has already led one wellness venture, StretchLab, to incredible heights, overseeing its expansion to over 300 locations before making a successful exit. This journey underlines his knack for building and scaling businesses that resonate deeply with consumers’ needs.

Before steering the ship at RVIVL, Ken honed his expertise in marketing and branding as a celebrated MarTech & Brand Director at Gartner, a prestigious Fortune 500 company. His academic background from Penn State, where he earned degrees in Economics and International Business, laid the foundation for his business acumen.

Ken’s life outside the boardroom is as dynamic and inspiring as his professional endeavors. A marathon runner, avid skier, and fervent outdoorsman, he embodies the spirit of wellness and adventure that RVIVL stands for. His interests in business, marketing, and psychology are not just professional; they’re a testament to his lifelong commitment to understanding what drives people towards betterment.

At RVIVL, Ken is the driving force behind our brand’s outward journey, steering our digital presence, revenue growth, and financial strategies with a vision to make wellness accessible and engaging for everyone.


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