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RVIVL was conceptualized to offer cutting edge, fitness recovery tools in the most convenient and accessible way. Founders, Dr. Adam Sands and Ken Silver met several years ago when Ken suffered from a sports injury that landed him at Dr. Sands chiropractic office. As their doctor/patient relationship evolved, they realized they had a shared passion for educating themselves on natural methods of healing, as well as discovering ways to be proactive and reactive in regards to injuries and restorative techniques. This motivated them to get to work…researching and curating the most effective treatments on the market for their fitness recovery brand.

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Recovery is as – if not more – important for athletic performance than the workouts themselves.

With proper treatment, we can naturally decrease inflammation, improve metabolism, look younger by increasing collagen production, decrease muscle soreness, boost our immune system, stimulate muscle growth, balance hormone levels, and so much more.

RVIVL focuses specifically on achieving human optimization through recovery education, treatments, and practice.

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By far one of the best additions to Playa Vista. Been visiting almost daily for the last week and the gang always takes care of me.

~Geoff S.

Everyone needs to go here. I’m obsessed. It’s the only thing that keeps me running.

~Chloe C.

The atmosphere and staff are 10/10! I am so glad they opened this location in my neighborhood.

~Nicole M.

This place is amazing!!!! I was so excited for them to come to Playa Vista but was even more thrilled to realize this is the best wellness center I've ever been to. The owners were so helpful and guided us through our first cold plunge and keep teaching us new wellness tips. It's very very clean and it feels like I'm entering a high end spa everytime I go! This is a must.

~Shana T.

Went to RVIVL yesterday (1st time), and had an amazing experience. First time EVER doing an ice bath... the 2 guys there (Ken and Christian) were great, took the time to show/coach me on breathing techniques, I'll 100% be back, purely on the level of customer service and attention Ken and Christian provided. Facility is impeccable too...clean and updated!

~Skyler T.

Kinda obsessed with this place. I love all the therapies that they offer. Big fan of the sauna/cold plunge combo-I've never felt better. I have also noticed an improvement in my skin texture since using the red light. The vibe is great, the staff is awesome.

~Brittany F.

So happy RVIVL is open! Love booking the contrast room for some good recovery post workout. The cold plunge is colder than other places I've gone to, so Ive had to adjust how long I can stay in there. The sauna has bluetooth so you can play music. The facilities are new, clean and I love the ambience. All the staff is super friendly, and it's on my list to check out the other therapies they offer.

~Felicia L.

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