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RVIVL was conceptualized to offer cutting edge, fitness recovery tools in the most convenient and accessible way. Founders, Dr. Adam Sands and Ken Silver met several years ago when Ken suffered from a sports injury that landed him at Dr. Sands chiropractic office. As their doctor/patient relationship evolved, they realized they had a shared passion for educating themselves on natural methods of healing, as well as discovering ways to be proactive and reactive in regards to injuries and restorative techniques. This motivated them to get to work…researching and curating the most effective treatments on the market for their fitness recovery brand.

Our Facility

These five treatments areas will
comprise our core services.
We do plan to add a hyperbaric
chamber in the near future.

Red Light Therapy | RVIVL

Is RVIVL for athletes only, or anybody?

RVIVL is for everybody! We were inspired by the rapidly evolving technology and techniques that professional athletes use to care for their bodies. In fact, a core component of our mission is to make those ‘professional’ treatments accessible and affordable for anyone who shares our drive to be the best versions of ourselves.

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